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Reports Newsweek Magazine, August 2005 (paraphrased)- "There is a wave of passion spreading out through the Judeo-Christian world. It is a profound desire to have the ecstatic, transcendent personal experience of God."

Limmud, UK 2010

Video by Sherry Moore

The word "Shir" means song in Hebrew. The idea behind "Shir Ecstasy" is to learn to be able to ascend together through the medium of song to reach that rapturous state where one can viscerally sense the presence of God. One doesn't have to be a member of a Black Gospel church or even a Christian church to have that experience. It is available to all.


The Black American gospel movement, building on the wisdom of the ancient African traditions, has developed a series of simple yet powerful techniques to this end. The Shir Ecstasy Workshop will cover such areas as:

This material can be taught in the context of a workshop or choir--leading to performance--and is available in various formats: as a weekend workshop, as part of a weeklong conference, or, under special circumstances, as a weekly course.