Jewish Music Blogs and eZines Exploring Jospel:

How the Jewish Prayer Service Resembles Pentecostal Worship, by Sharon Alexander, published in ZEEK
The Life of Prayer by Yehudah Mirsky, published in Jewish Ideas Daily, 5/17/11
Teruah Jewish Music Blog
Brandeis University eZine

Gospel Music Historical Education:

Ysaye Barnwell: Workbooks and CDs on Singing in the African American Tradition

Amazing Grace History by Wintley Phipps: An amazing lecture at Carnegie Hall on the likely African origin of this famous gospel melody

Bill & Gloria Gaither - Amazing Grace ft. Wintley Phipps

Cantors and Jewish Musicians Composing and Performing Jospel-type Music:

Cantor Lisa Levine: This is the Day/Hallelu

Cantor Lisa Levine's "Jospel"

Cantor Stephen Saxon's "Gospel Shabbat"
Joshua Nelson's "Kosher Gospel"

Joshua Nelson, Prince of Kosher Gospel: On a Jew singing Black music

Joshua Nelson, Prince of Kosher Gospel. Singing: Adon Olam

Josh Nelson
Peri Smilow
Cantor Danny Maseng

Fusions of Other Musical Styles with Jewish Music: Send It On Down

Dodi Li - Yofiyah's Kabbalah Kirtan

HaMakom - Yofiyah's Kabbalah Kirtan

Rabbi Shefa Gold's Sufi-influenced chants

HaMakom - Yofiyah's Kabbalah Kirtan

Rabbi Mark Novak: Mi, Mi Chamocha

kiva Wharton and Lisa Ann Wharton:

Shabbat Shalom, Take us home

Cantor Mike Stein: Barechu

Beth Styles:


And as sung by Cantor Magda Fishman

Cantor Azi Schwartz singing Psalm 150 to Leonard Cohen’s Halleluyah:

Cantor Michael Smolash:

Debbie Friedman:

Bella Bogart: New Hallel Final


Cantor Shoshana Brown

Craig Taubman

Organizations and Retreats Hosting Jospel Workshops:

Aleph Kallah Conference
Elat Chayyim Retreat Center
Limmud Conference
International Jewish Music Festival (Amsterdam)